Community at Two Echo

Cohousing communities like Two Echo are by the people, for the people — which makes them unique among residential developments. Instead of being developed for profit by builders or real estate speculators, these communities are designed and managed by their own residents, whose privately-owned homes cluster around a common house and community-owned open

Lobster Green
The cohousing concept originated in Denmark over 20 years ago. Today, more than 150 cohousing communities are in various stages of development throughout the U. S. Formed in 1991, the Two Echo group wanted a parcel of land with woods and fields, away from busy roads, noise and air pollution, large enough to provide space for recreation and some possible agricultural uses such as gardening, farming, and raising animals. In 1996, after exploring more than 25 sites, we found a beautiful 95-acre parcel of land that met all our criteria.

Little Free Library at the top of Echo Road

Off Hacker Road in Brunswick, it has about 15 acres of fields and more than 75 acres of woods. We’re just 10 minutes from downtown Brunswick, the home of Bowdoin College. A thriving community, Brunswick offers good schools, a variety of cultural attractions, and proximity to the famed Maine coast.

The first residents began living here in August 1998. The households at Two Echo are a mix of singles, couples, seniors, and families with children ranging from toddlers to teen-agers.

Two Echo Property

Our multi-generational clustered country neighborhood is located in the midst of a 95-acre parcel of woods and meadows in rural Brunswick, Maine, 35 minutes from Portland, Lewiston and Augusta.

Bridge buildingFrom Hacker Road, the fields slope down to a year round stream, then rise to the woods about 1200 feet from the road, to our village. We have 27 homes clustered in an irregular fashion on either side of a looping pedestrian lane (ideal for after-dinner strolls and playing catch) and a village green.

The backs of our homes border undeveloped woods with cross-country ski and walking trails, open fields and community gardens. Roughly 70 acres of the beautiful forest and meadows have been put into a conservation easement, so they can never be developed. We have a community center, our “common house,” with a meeting/dining area and kitchen big enough to prepare meals for community get-togethers, a recreation room with games and a craft center, and overnight guest accommodations.


Daily Life in Our Neighborhood

Would you like to know your neighbors? Would you like to be able to count on the family one, five or even ten houses down the street to help you with small chores or in an emergency?CH partyDuring the first months of cohousing life, households at Two Echo began experiencing community through little moments like these:

  • Alex invited Rob and Katie’s family to dinner the night they moved in
  • Craig and Rob went on a moonlight ski through the fields and woods
  • Patty and Katie exchanged once-a-week child care.
  • John made a late evening run to the drug store to pick up cough medicine for Alison’s sick toddler.
  • While John and Patty were on vacation, David looked after their cats.
  • Alex drove Alison back and forth from the garage when her car needed repairs.
  • The neighborhood children gathered in Daniel’s back yard to play in the sprinkler.

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