Two Echo Property

Two Echo comprises about 97 acres on the south side of Hacker Road. About 67 acres of the undeveloped land are protected in a conservation easement agreement with the town of Brunswick and Maine DEP.
Map 2019

Two Echo on Brunswick GIS and Google Earth

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Trails in the conservation easement are one element in Two Echo’s Common Land Vision for the woods. Two miles of color coded marked trails have been developed. The map, shown above, is available for download as a pdf.

Common Land Vision

The Common Land Vision is designed to present a broad picture of acceptable uses/changes of our common land that are in keeping with the community’s general objectives, principles and desires, andTwo Echo woods acceptable locations for such uses/changes. The Common Land Vision is designed to be simply an agreed upon, “big picture” which will be a guide as individuals and the community move forward with the specific uses/changes of the land.


Trails in the woods are cleared and marked for walking, horseback riding, mountain biking and cross-country skiing. Additional trails have been created to access interesting locations within our property such as the large rock in the northwest woods. Picnicking sites develop where community members have found their “favorite spots” along the trails. The trees in the woods are maintained and managed according to our community forestry plan. Firewood and Christmas trees are cut in accordance with this plan and any new trees and bushes planted are in keeping with the management strategies of the plan.